Core SEO strategy that is here to stay

Ranking on top Google is not such a hard task. People fear it probably cuz they’ve been doing it wrong. Get down to the basic stuff today with Ad Amateurs on 4 core SEO strategy that is the foundation of SEO. Have your checklist ready.

1. On-page SEO

On-page SEO here means basic steps to shape a foundation for your content. Which is:

– SEO on title and meta tags.
– Speeding up your site by minifying the code
– Choosing good keywords
– Making HTML sitemaps that let web crawlers understand your content and get you indexed.

on-page SEO, core SEO strategy, ad amateurs blog

Other optimization strategies like backlink building or content creation may be more time-consuming. But if you don’t do it or do it in the wrong way, it can make negative impacts on your site’s ranking.

Check out this excellent infographic from Brian Dean for an overview of technical SEO for your website.

2. Content of quality

The phrase “Content is King” is repeated way too many times now. But what exactly is good quality content that can rank on top Google? The first step is choosing the right keywords. Walk around social media platforms and find out what is trending around the world or in your industry. Ask yourself what your readers may be interested in and opt for long-tail keywords. Intensive keyword research is absolutely necessary.

I know that most of the time it is difficult to come up with content that is original. Consider the good old topics instead and try to look at them at a new point of view. Explore what people haven’t really paid attention to. While building your content, avoid stuffing it with keywords. Finally, it is best to publish your articles on a regular basis.

3. UX, duh

User experience MATTERS.  From concept to launch, keep UX in mind when you design the website.  Because nowadays there are gazillions of sites similar to yours on the Internet, which results in high competition and expectation from users. If you are not able to give them a nice digital experience, they immediately shift to another site, your rival’s for example. Really, who’d stay for more than 3 seconds on a site that takes ages to load or one that they cannot find the right content due to poor navigation?

Hence, you should spend more time in studying customer insights. Find out what they want, how they like their experiences to be. Keep your users, your readers in mind and design a website that suits their taste. Note: It’s “Mobile first” now. Most of your readers are browsing from a smart phone. You’d probably do the same thing, right? Pay attention to mobile UX and UI as well.

Check Google PageSpeed tool to see how fast your site really loads.



4. Backlink building


Even though it is slightly less effective than in the past, it is still an important part of SEO. Practice white hat link building will gain your site reputation to Google. There are tons of method to build backlinks so I won’t go into details in this post.

Core SEO strategy, backlink building, ad amateurs blog.
Core SEO strategy – Quality backlink building – Ad Amateurs blog.


Honestly, SEO takes loads and loads of time. But it’s totally worth it. The benefits are great for your business. Follow Google guidelines and practice these core SEO strategy and you will definitely be rewarded with quality traffic.

Check out more tips on making your website SEO-friendly here at

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