Effortless content proofread with 5 reliable tools

Proof-reading is a tiresome job. I get it. But your writing cannot live long and prosper without it. Seriously. The good news is, in this modern day and age. You can practically do anything with a computer. Which includes some effortless content proofread with tools.

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Effortless content proofread tools that every copywriter is looking for

It sure takes a hell loads of time to produce a nice copy. However, most of us busy bees are always experiencing a shortage of time. That is when these 5 tools below come in handy. They will support you in the creation of a neat and clear, error-free copy. With their help, you can polish your article and make it (nearly) perfect. After that feel free to share it on your blogs and social media.

1. ProofRead Bot

A simple online tool that can provide detailed results while working very quickly. ProofRead Bot provides recommendations to improve word treasure and to use the voice functions and the alternative options to use superlative sound structure. It is completely free and very handy for those who want to redo a copy to really shine.

2. Grammar Check

It only takes a blink of an eye for Grammar Check to scan any text. Then it gives an analysis of how many possible errors to find. It’s extremely user-friendly. First, you can check any spelling mistakes underlined, tips on issues of style and grammar in the text. Then apply the changes to take when you need it. The system then creates a final version for you. After that, you can take a look at everything.

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Grammar Check – Effortless content proofread -AdAmateurs.com blog

This tool is Free to use. Nevertheless, if you are worried about some advanced mistakes, you can pay a small amount of money to “deep check”.

3. Spellcheck Plus

This tool is especially useful to people who use English as a second-language. Spellcheck Plus is awesome at detecting the wrong choice of words. You can check up to 2000 characters for free of charge.You can upgrade to the “Pro” version with a small fee to extend that limit. Nevertheless, there is no explanation for the changes made by the system if you choose to use it for free. Hence it is difficult to enhance your writing skill as time passes.

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4. PaperRater

PaperRater provides a set of tools that allow you check for plagiarism. Although you may not deliberately plagiarize other people, you should review all your work before publishing. Because the search engine may classify content that does not appear original. PaperRater gives up to 1800 words free. It also provides a premium subscription service for prospects who seek to check longer articles. Since it is a web based service, there is no need to download anything.

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5. After the Deadline

Some tools that are perfect for spelling. Some others only work best with grammar. After The Deadline can cover both. Wow! You can get a complete overview of your article. You can also improve things like structure, flow, and writing.

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This tool is still free and includes grammar (green underlined), abuse (red marked), and style (blue underlined). Unlike Spellcheck Plus, After The Deadline provides us with a quick explanation on why the word or grammar is wrong.


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