7 simple tips to make websites friendly and attract viewers

For the Web is dark and full of terror. Sure you can get people to your site easily, but that’s just half the battle. Once they are there, you need to keep them engaged. You need to make websites friendly to attract the readers. You want them to return to your blog and tell their friends about your site. Website management and promotion are a long-running battle.

In the long run, there aren’t any magic pills for good web design that people will come back day after day. But there are many things that you can improve. Making the site easy to use is an essential part. Sites should also load quickly and provide right up front what the readers want.

Here are 7 tips that will help boost your site ease of use, make websites friendly and attract more viewers.

#1. Your page should load fast

You can rely solely on fast page load speed. There are tons of stuff to discover on the Internet. People are always eager to discover more and more. They don’t want to wait for more than 5 sec for your page to load. Think about it!

The thing is, people only notice page speed when it’s absent (lol dilemma). Make sure it is never absent is a safer option. Make sure to check your page speed regularly with Google Page Speed Tool.

#2. Avoiding the TL;DR

Writing for the web is different from writing for print. When your users first get to a page, they will just skim through it. Page content should give people quick info on what they want. But do does not exclude users look for extra information. Just be BALANCED. If it’s too long, not even you would want to read it, right?

7 simple tips to make websites friendly and attract viewers. Ad Amateurs Blog. Too long didnt read post.

#3. Come on. Spelling mistakes? Seriously?

Urg, spelling errors? How old are you, five?. As unfair as it seems, people judge your site largely basing on the writing quality. For a lot of people, spelling and grammar errors are symbols of quality. Not spell checking your site may cause them to think that the services you provide will also be as half-assed.

7 simple tips to make websites friendly and attract viewers. Ad Amateurs Blog. Spell check.


Too lazy to check for spelling mistakes? Not a native English speaker? Got little time for all this? No worries! Check out these tools for smoother content.


#4. Navigate navigate navigate

Seriously, would you even stick around a site if it keeps making you press the Back button. Navigation on your web pages should be clear, direct, and easy to use. Adding internal links is a must on the process to make websites friendly. If people can get from one article to another easily, they will linger on.

#5. Do not upload photos that are too large in size

Full-size photos take a long time to load. Large images absolutely hinder your loading speed. Remember to resize first thing first.

#6. All your links must work

For many users and search engines, broken links indicate that a site is not taken good care of. Make sure to check for broken links regularly by using an HTML validator and link checker. I’m sure you put the right links in the first place. But those links may not be up-to-date now or even invalid.

7 simple tips to make websites friendly and attract viewers. Ad Amateurs Blog. Broken links.

#7. People hate baits

Remove the words “Click Here” from your website vocab! This text often appears to be a bait that chases readers away.

You should write links that explain where the reader is going to go, and what they are going to find there. Help your reader when they’re lost is better than luring them into a place they don’t want to be.

To sum up, keep your website neat, error-free, load fast and easy to move around. Have some friends over and ask them to test out your site. Good luck!

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